Gianluca Venturi’s Trainee Program Experience

In the last six years, I followed a path which gave me the opportunity to do diverse jobs, in different cities and several countries. This period helped me greatly to open my mind and face new challenges. It started with my Master in International Management, which was my first step in an international environment, and it continued with the International Management Trainee Program.

The Programme fitted perfectly with my will of learning and finding new experiences. My decision of being part of it was largely influenced by the many opportunities provided, such as joining projects in different countries or work in the offices of Vienna and Cologne. Moreover, the program started many rounds before mine which made it known among the departments and more complete and detailed. Finally, this was for me the best way to get a broad understanding of one of the key vision of the group, which is giving great independence and freedom to each country.

After the end of the program, I will start a new challenge as a process manager for Penny Italy, communicating directly with the CFO. The position comes with a high share of responsibility but it is also a rare opportunity to work closely with one of the most experienced professionals of the company. Finally, it will be another challenge to prove the skills gained in these last six years.

About Gianluca :

Current PositionProcess Manager
Business UnitPenny Italy
Home Country Italy
Completion of the Program02/2022