Gianluca Venturi’s Trainee Program Experience

“Since my master in International Management, I have started a path that gave me the opportunity to live in different countries and to discover new cultures. My goal was to build an international profile and to continuously face challenges in new environments. By starting the career as a trainee, I held the responsibility of continuing the path of growth and development. Every step of the trainee program is provided with support and it gives the opportunity to continuously test yourself.

I have just concluded the store phase, in which I worked intensively in the shops of my home country. This was a rare chance to learn how a store impacts on the customer’s experience. Indeed, the store is where the selling takes place and it is the only moment in which you meet personally your customer. After this phase, a trainee can put in place all the experience maturated in the past months and bring his own point of view. Therefore, I will get the chance to participate in projects held in different countries and, most interestingly, it will be possible to have a broader image of REWE International and its implications.

In fact, as an international leader, REWE International comprises different brands and it embraces different cultures each with their own specific challenges. This heterogeneity requires to be open-minded but also to be prepared to catch the specific needs of every context. However, to master heterogeneity is also the core asset necessary to be competitive nowadays.”