Klára Trochová’s Trainee Program Experience

“I finished my master’s degree in Economics and Management with a specialization in International Trade and Finance. During my studies, I was having multiple internships in Corporate Finance and Accounting. I was also fortunate to experience working and studying abroad in Germany, Taiwan, and the USA. I decided to join BILLA Czech Republic because it is probably the first company, I connected with, even as a child. I am a regular customer for more than 20 years and because I am a food lover, this made a good match.

Further, the Trainee Program, gives me many opportunities, rotations, and challenges and I am learning quickly all needed skills and knowledge in the retail industry and project management. As a bonus, I will have a chance to go abroad and expand my network. I’ve currently finished my first phase (store phase). I feel a little bit nostalgic because I will miss this time so much. I am glad that I experience how challenging these jobs are and listen to all advice and concerns from all employees. A very good opportunity was also spending some time in PENNY Czech Republic and see something different. Now, I am more than ready to get back to the office and start to use my knowledge in practice.

Probably, I am most excited about the international project that will occur in IKI Lithuania but also for HQ project, that would be the icing on the cake.”