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REWE Group Austria International Management Trainee Program

In the context of our trainee program, university graduates have the opportunity to start their careers in an individualized way in diverse working environment of our central departments with around 6,800 employees.

The program is designed to meet the specific interests of our trainees and provides optimal preparation for a career within the company: from young professional to manager is not only your goal, it is also ours. The necessary basic knowledge is imparted through active participation in a wide range of specialist departments and stores. From the very beginning, you will take on responsible tasks and will be directly involved in the daily business. This will give you a comprehensive insight into processes and our corporate structures. You will find more information about the program on our homepage under „Einstieg & Perspektiven > Perspektiven > Traineeprogramme„.

TraineeNet Exzellentes Traineeprogramm GOLDFirst in 2016, TraineeNet created the TraineeNet Award to compare the many different trainee programs and to determine the quality of these. In 2019, the TraineeNet Award 2019/2020 was given to REWE Group Austria for a „real & fair trainee program„.


Deine Aufgaben

Your tasks

During the first six months you will be involved in one of our stores in your country of employment receiving basic training to handle your first management responsibilities. The next four months, you will get to know our international business and take on project-related activities in one of our other European operational business units. The subsequent two-month job rotation in the central division of your country of employment will give you further insights. Another exciting project collaboration on a comprehensive topic will then wait for you for the next three months in our Austrian or German headquarters. In the last month of your program you will get to know the local interfaces of your future position within REWE Group.

During the Trainee Program, you will benefit from a personal mentor, group-wide networking and exchange with our managers. Furthermore, you receive special professional and personality trainings and coaching.

Why should trainees choose our program?

Because we put people with their talents and interests first! That is why we do not specify the stations of the central rotation, nor the target position of our trainees. We trust that our trainees, based on their strengths and interests, will find their perfect entry position and will be able to develop optimally!

Der Ablauf

The Process

The Management Trainee Program is based on the principle of getting to know trading „from bottom up“ and giving the trainee the broadest possible picture of the Group. The training focuses on the areas of sales, foreign countries, headquarters and project work. The program consists of a total of five training blocks, which are accompanied by in-depth training or coaching units. Regular feedback meetings with the Strategic HRM (AUT) enable individual support, and the trainees also have a mentor at their side for the entire time. Below you will find a short overview.


During this training block, the trainees receive a comprehensive insight into the processes of a store in their home country and learn about the challenges of sales. The trainees pass through all areas and actively participate in shaping the daily business at the point of sale. Towards the end of the store time, the trainee independently takes on management tasks and relieves the store manager of his or her duties.


In this phase of the trainee program, the trainee has the opportunity to work on a project-related task in one of our European foreign subsidiaries and thus become familiar with the country-specific conditions and processes. Projects are reported to the central strategic HRM according to the needs of the countries and are selected and chosen here.

PHASE 3: ROTATION I – in depth rotation in two departments

The subsequent two-month in-depth job rotation in the central department of the respective home country gives the trainee an insight into and involvement in two selected departments (one month each). This gives the trainee a first deeper insight into the central departments and allows him/her to get to know new contact persons. A rotation period lasts 1 month, so that as much knowledge and experience as possible can be taken from one department – after one month the department is changed.


In this phase, the trainee works independently on a project at the corporate headquarters or supports a team in its implementation. In this way, getting to know the interrelationships of a retail company is further deepened. The project is carried out in overarching areas that deal with strategy, business development or development & consulting.

PHASE 5: ROTATION II – short rotation

The concluding short rotation enables the trainee to get to know other relevant areas of the central departments for the future position in the company. The rotation is tailored to the trainee’s needs. The aim of Central Rotation II is to get to know interface departments that are relevant and helpful for the future target position. In contrast to Rotation I, shorter rotations are planned here. The duration of the rotations can vary from ½ day to max. 5 days per department. The final position is determined at the latest in this phase.

Diese Profile suchen wir:

What we are looking for:

Are you ready to accept new challenges, do you have ambitious goals and are looking forward to a career in retail? Are you full of energy and enthusiasm? We are looking for university graduates who have already gained practical experience through internships or student jobs and our candidates should also enjoy trading.  Hands on-mentality is not just a slogan for us – it is part of our daily business.



University degree (Bachelor or Master) in economics or law



Retail is very dynamic, so we are looking for personalities who can accomplish these requirements! In addition to strong analytical skills and a high level of commitment and flexibility, creativity, social skills and management potential are qualities that you ideally bring with you. Let our exciting projects challenge you!

We value employees who act on their own responsibility and entrepreneurially. At the same time they appreciate and treat people with respect.


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