Completion of the program 12/2024

„Guided by positivity and curiosity, I navigated life, opting for a management education to embrace versatility in my career. At a central crossroad post-university, I took a bold leap into a trainee program, hungry for a panoramic view of retail – from ground level operations to strategic decision-making. My admiration for REWE grows as they prioritize sustainability, employee welfare, and embrace change desite their size and legacy. Currently, in the Core Business phase, focusing on the store operations, I’ve witnessed the impact of decisions made in offices on store functions. This phase highlighted the importance of mindful decision-making and its implications on the store staff. Eager to explore other program phases, I look forward to understanding how different aspects interconnect, expanding my perspective on the retail sector. This isn’t just a journey; it’s a dynamic exploration fueling my passion for the heartbeat of an industry that shapes our everyday lives.“