Completion of the program in 2011

“Armed with an economics degree, my quest for real-world banking experience led me to REWE’s trainee program. This unique opportunity allowed me to dive headfirst into a major international company. Being inherently inquisitive, I thrive on learning from the ground up. Understanding company intricacies and internal processes was paramount to me, making the trainee program the ideal choice. Its biggest advantage lies in this immersive learning experience. Expressing a preference for finance, I naturally found my niche within the finance sector at REWE. What sets REWE in Austria apart is the remarkable diversity across group companies and business sectors. This, coupled with my financial background, adds a unique allure to my role. Navigating the fast-paced, innovative realm of retail ensures monotony is nonexistent. Each day brings fresh challenges and the opportunity to connect with new faces, making my role consistently engaging and rewarding.“